The body that tells: the brush dance, the body of a text

From September 28 to October 3

Class directed by Omar Porras

Schedule : Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm (with an hour break 12-1pm)
Duration : 48 hrs
Price : 480 € (individuals), 960 € (organisms)

The first phase of the workshop will consist in a training aiming to the awakening of the “balance” which will contribute to the learning of a particular state of being on stage called “the presence”. It will also aim to learning the management of the body in the space and the construction of a particular dynamic which will allow to harmonize the work ensemble on stage. Doing this will create a body alphabet. The body will become a brush painting on the white pages of the stage, and make the ideogram emerge: the “body extra-ordinary”; the action that becomes poem, meditation and movement.

The second phase will consist in improvising, then analyzing texts of different natures that each participant will propose and that are important to him (pomes, monologues, extracts of plays, etc.). These improvisations will be later explored practically as tools of the construction of a singular language that will be the abecedary of each actor, the vector that will draw the contour of its character.

The third phase of the research will consist in confronting the abecedaries of each and every one with the aim of making the poetic language of each one to meet and combine: inside the collective, the singular of the actor-poet becomes a world common to all.

Omas Porras came to ARTA in 2012 for his class The creation process of the Teatro Malandro


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